In general, the Communications VP and the supporting Chairs/Volunteers promote site PTA activities to the school community via communications through an eNewsletter, parent group emails, website, and Facebook/Social Media.

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PTA Sites may have one or more persons filling PTA Communication roles and responsibilities

  • VP of Communications – elected Board position
  • eNews editor(s)
  • Data Drop recipient
  • Directory creator
  • Parent Network Coordinators, Room Parents, etc.
  • Webmaster
  • Social Media moderator


  • Adhere to Palo Alto PTA noncommercial, nonpartisan and nonsectarian policies. 
  • Inform every family in the school of the aims and accomplishments of the PTA
  • Encourage and highlight attendance at PTA meetings and family engagement in PTA projects and activities. 
  • Inform the community about PTA activities and school functions
  • Express appreciation to those participating in or contributing to programs. 
  • Foster cooperation with the school in keeping parents informed about school functions, regulations and/or procedures on child-related issues. 

More Info: PTA Communication Guidelines


When a communication channel is designated as a PTA channel, all content must meet PTA guidelines. More Info: PTA Communication Guidelines

eNews: Each site PTA publishes a weekly eNewsletter for their parents and the staff of their school. Board Officers and Chairs contribute articles, as well as the PTA Council. School administration may also contribute. VP Comm and/or eNews editor compiles and formats the articles for publishing. PTAs may use ParentSquare, Constant Contact, MailChimp, Konstella, or other email platforms to publish their eNews. More Info: eNews HOW TO, Data Drop

Directory/sub- Groups: The PTA may create a directory with a list of parent contact information. Parents must opt-in to sharing their information with the PTA through PAUSD’s Annual Data Update or through Registration. Any parent who does not opt in will not be listed in the PTA’s directory. More Info: Data Drop, Directory

The PTA may also create sub-Groups within the directory by grade, team, classes, etc. Sites may use ParentSquare, Konstella, Shutterfly Sharesites, or other directory platforms. More Info: sub-Groups, aka Room Parent groups, Classroom groups, Parent Network, etc.

Website: All PAUSD PTAs use WordPress for their Websites with technical support from the PTA Council. The VP Comm and/or a site Webmaster maintains the content and the technical aspects of their website. More Info: Website

Facebook/Social Media, optional: The PTA should clarify when a social media platform is administered by the PTA or is a separate, independent parent-run platform. If the PTA runs the social media platform, the VP Comm and/or Social Media Moderator will moderate posts to ensure all posts meet PTA Guidelines. More Info: Social Media


Several communities have their own separate non-PTA communications.

The PTA does not have any responsibility for these channels or what is posted by other parents, OTHER THAN recognizing that if a PTA Board/Chair/volunteer uses those channels, they may be viewed by other parents as representing the PTA.

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