eNews How To

Each PTA publishes a periodic – usually weekly – eNewsletter for the parents of their students, as well as for their teachers and staff.  The PTA eNews is predominantly information about School-, PTA-, or Community activities.

More Info: https://ptac.paloaltopta.org/pta-communication-guidelines/


At most of our sites, it’s a team effort:

  • PTA activities: the PTA President, other Board members, Chairs contribute content
  • School activities: Principal, teachers, staff, counselors may contribute content
  • PTA Council and Community activities: PTA Council eNews editor will contribute. Refer to https://ptac.paloaltopta.org/pta-communication-guidelines

Some PTAs use a shared Google Doc where contributors write in their articles. This method is helpful if a contributor wants to start writing their article ahead of time and and it keeps a master log of all contributions.

Other PTAs ask their contributors to submit their articles via email.

TIP: Each Board/eNews crew should create a consistent schedule of submission due dates, rough draft proofreads, and publishing day/time.


The PTA VP Comm and/or an assigned eNews editor(s)

  1. assembles articles into one file
  2. formats, proofreads, and edits for accuracy, clarity, consistency – please keep in mind that your audience of parents may be English Language Learners
  3. upload into ParentSquare, if working in Google doc
  4. double-checks images show up correctly
  5. double-checks links work properly
  6. Publishes the eNews or schedule its publishing

TIP: It is a good idea to have 2-3 people conduct steps 3, 4, and 5, with one of those people being the PTA President and possibly another the Principal.

Each Board/eNews crew should create a consistent schedule of submission due dates, proofread period, and publishing day/time.

How to publish the eNews in ParentSquare:
* ParentSquare Guide: Post
* Create a ParentSquare Post: Youtube video


When using ParentSquare, ALL parents receive the eNews.

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