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Safe Routes to School

Missing Crossing Guard

If you notice that a crossing guard is missing from his or her normal post during school commute times, please contact All City Management Services, Palo Alto Area Supervisor Mary Davis-Mehari at (650) 690-6651

PAUSD Transportation Department

School bus information can be be found on the website of the PAUSD Transportation Department. They can also be reached at (650) 329-3982.

Palo Alto Police Department

To contact the Palo Alto Police Department, please email Sergeant Ben Becchetti at or call the number (650) 329-2232.

Hazards or other problems

PaloAlto311 is a multi-platform solution for providing Palo Alto residents, businesses, and visitors access to a set of local government-provided services, 24-hours a day, 7 days a week. If you use PaloAlto311 to report unsafe choices/behaviors of parent drivers, student bicyclists or pedestrians, please also report to the school administrator and the Safe Route To School Coordinators at 

PaloAlto311 should not be used for emergency purposes. Dial 9-1-1 for emergencies or (650) 329-2413 for the non-emergency 24-hour dispatch center. 

Office of Transportation, Safe Routes To School

The Safe Routes To School coordinators at the Office of Transportation can be reached by email at or phone at (650) 329-2156.

School PTA Traffic Safety Representative (TSR) Contacts:

Each school’s PTA Traffic Safety Representative (TSR) serves as a point person on traffic safety issues on and near the school site. He or she works with the principal and the PTA leadership to resolve issues related to safe access and circulation for pedestrians, bikes and cars, as well as promoting traffic safety education for students and parents.

Please refer to your School Directory for the email address of your TSR or contact us for additional contact information.

Bike Index

Bike Index as the potential to help victims of bike theft recover their bikes through its worldwide network of cyclists, police departments, universities, and other groups. They have successfully assisted in the recovery of thousands of bikes.

Registration is simple:
1) Visit to create a free account.
2) Receive a confirmation email.
3) Log in to your account and register your bike(s).

In addition to the basic information, it is recommended that you add a picture of the bike and join the City of Palo Alto group in the “Groups + Ownership” category.

More information is also available at

AboutGetting to School | Calendar | Advocacy | Volunteers
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