PayPal Buttons

In 2022-2023, Fletcher Middle School PTA used the PayPal “button” tool, embedded in their eNews to collect donations and membership dues from their community members. Please consider this alternative to/for:
* Formsite
* MyPTEZ webstore

The PayPay button/link takes you to:


  1. Log into the PTA’s PayPal account. (If your PTA does not have a PayPal account, please consult with your President and Treasurer – and perhaps the PTAC Treasurer – before opening an account).
  2. Go to Quick links >> App Center.

3. Use the SEARCH for “Buttons”

4. Select PayPal buttons, Get Started

At this point, feel free to explore all of the various buttons and features that PayPal has to offer. To continue to learn how Fletcher PTA created its customized button, go to the next step.

5. Select DONATE, Select Customize a Button

6. As you click through PayPal’s steps to create the button – when you get to their Step 2 – you can add an “inspirational message”, aka description of what you are asking for. However, you are limited to 127 characters. To beat this limit, create a blurb or flyer of your donation and upload it as an image. This is how Fletcher created their menu.

7. On PayPal’s Step 3 – there is an option to have 3 Payment Options, as well as an other.

8. We recommend that you turn “OFF” the monthly recurring payment – until you have agreement with your President and Treasurer and/or Financial Secretary as this is an added responsibility for them, and “ON” allowing Donors to increase their donation amount to offset fees.

The last step produces a “Shareable Link” that you can embed in the PayPal icon or whatever donation image that you choose.

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