Special Education

In support of the PTA Council’s goal of safe and welcoming schools, we have a close partnership with the Palo Alto Community Advisory Committee (Palo Alto CAC) for Special Education. Nearly 13% of students in PAUSD receive services and support via and Individual Education Plan (IEP) or 504 plan.

The Palo Alto CAC supports families of students with special needs through community building events and outreach, education for parents and students, and advisory to district leadership on policies and programs that impact students.

The Palo Alto CAC consists of an active and welcoming group of volunteers, mostly parents of students with special education needs, as well as interested community members, and is integrated with all 17 PAUSD schools as PTA Council’s Special Education Collaborative Committee.

Please visit the website http://cacpaloalto.org/ to learn more, find helpful resources, or to get involved.

You can also join the Google Group “Palo Alto Special Education Discuss” to share resources and experiences, ask questions and learn about relevant events. The group is for parents and guardians of students with special needs, learning differences, disabilities, or receiving accommodations (IEP or 504) in PAUSD or Palo Alto, CA. Join now

PTA Council Special Education Chair
Christine Baker