Special Education

email: specialed@paloaltopta.org

Ann Xu, VP Special Education on the Council of PTAs in Palo Alto

During this difficult time support groups are available online. These two organizations are excellent resources:

Parents Place

Parents Helping Parents

The goal of the Special Education Committee is to support families of children and youth with learning challenges and special needs by providing a forum of respectful communication between
families, the community, and the school district. We aspire to educate and advocate on the issues in our community, to foster
understanding, acceptance and inclusion.

Our initiatives include:
 Coordinating district-wide community awareness events
 Providing family support groups and parent education workshops
 Advising the Board of Education and PAUSD district administrators on matters pertaining to special
education and inclusion.

PTA Special Education / Inclusion Reps

Your PTA Special Education / Inclusion Representative is available to talk to you and to connect parents with resources, and promote inclusion. Find your rep below. We aim to have a rep on every campus. If your school does not have a rep, consider volunteering. Read the description.

In addition to serving at their local site, PTA reps are supported by PTA Council through the VP Special Education, Christine Baker, and by the CAC. The PTA has a long standing relationship with the Palo Alto CAC (Community Advisory Committee for Special Education).



Pre-K / Greendell



Ella Wilsher

Barron Park

Audrey Chang



El Carmelo

Sahithi Paleti

Namhee Kim


Aslihan Demirkaya


Vaibhav VaishSara Ann Amendola

Fletcher Middle School

Tina ChowDisha Chopra

Greene Middle School

Gauri Deshpande


Wei-Wei Lin

William Nee

Juana Briones

Yuri Chang

Lucille Nixon

Kimberly Eng Lee


Jay Gluckman

Palo Verde


Walter Hays

Supriya Suresh


Kathy ChenY. C.Yael Valek


Momoyo Yanagihara

Yael Uziyel Naveh


Mary Vincent

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