PTA Council eNews

Each of our PTAs publishes a periodic eNewsletter for the parents of their students, as well as for their teachers and staff.

  • The PTA eNews is predominantly information about School- and/or PTA-hosted community-building and social activities for their school community.
  • There is also a portion of the eNews written by the PTA Council for activities available to all PAUSD schools.

Persons from our community may submit a request to include an article in the PTA Council portion of the eNews. In an effort to keep our eNews manageable for our readers and our volunteer editors, we limit what we publish.

Article Submission Requirements

Which organizations are eligible?

  • PAUSD PTA, PAUSD School/District Office, a PAUSD Student-led Club/Organization, or a Non-Profit, as listed on:
  • NOT an After-School program at a PAUSD site – Please direct your inquiry directly to your school site
  • NOT a Sports or Enrichment Camp, Club, Program
  • NOT the launch or event of a business venture, test-prep business, parent-blog, tutoring, etc. even if parent-owned or local to Palo Alto. This includes start-ups or print/online publications such as novels, websites, etc. This includes ventures or start-ups that are student-led.

What is the eNews article about?

  • An event/program/activity that directly benefits PAUSD students, staff, and/or parents
  • If a charge or fee is requested, please note any scholarship opportunities for those in our community who may not be able to pay.
  • NOT data or opinion collection, such as surveys, email addresses, or other information about our students, parents, etc.

Article Submission Request

If your organization and your activity meet the requirements above, please complete this form in order for us to review and consider your article for publishing. Forms are due on Wednesday at 5pm to be published in the next edition of our sites PTAs’ eNews, unless PAUSD is on break.

2023-2024 eNews Submission

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