eNews Info and Guidelines

PTAC eNews Requirements

We realize that many community events are important and have value, but in the effort to keep our eNews manageable for our readers and our volunteer editors, we must limit what we publish each week. We ask that you read our requirements to see if your item is fit for publication in the PTAC eNews editions.


  1. Our eNews is primarily set up for what’s going on within our own school district. As a courtesy to our Palo Alto community, we will often list non-profit events, talks, workshops that are taking place within Palo Alto (ie. the City of Palo Alto Enjoy Classes, LofWV, PiE, MidPen Media Center, YCS, Mother’s Symposium, etc.) that directly benefit PAUSD students, staff, and parents.
  2. Your news items must be from a non-profit organization (i.e., not a business) that is local to Palo Alto (i.e., our city borders). Priority is give to non-profit organizations who are PTA Council sponsored organizations. See application to become a sponsored organization. We will only list other non-profit businesses/services and workshops if space and time permit.
  3. We do not list news from Sports club/programs/camps, PAUSD site Summer Camps, or PAUSD site After-school Providers. If you are from one of those, please see these suggestions:

    • Sports clubs/programs: See our Sports and Activities page. We recommend that you use Activity Hero. (Or see the Activity Hero Listing Page.)
    • Summer Camp providers that will be located at a PAUSD site: please see our Summer Camps page and follow the instructions on how to get listed on that page. We do not list summer camps that are not taking place at a PAUSD site.
    • After-School providers at a PAUSD site: please contact that school’s secretary, clerk, or webmaster directly to see how to get listed on that school’s website. www.pausd.org/schools to see the list of schools and their contact info.
  4. We will, however, include news items from PAUSD student-run organizations/camps such as Robotics Clubs/Camps, Dance Teams, MAC Journalism camps, etc.
  5. PTAC eNews will not list news items that are promoting a launch or event of a business venture, test-prep business, parent-blog, etc. even if parent-owned or local to Palo Alto. This includes start-ups or print/online publications such as novels, websites, etc.
  6. PTAC eNews will not list news items from organizations who are using their news item for data collection (such as email addresses or other contact info) in any survey or other registration application like Eventbrite events. The exception would be a survey or Eventbrite type listing as verified as coming from the PAUSD district office or a site PTA unit. For non-district surveys or event registrations: these may be considered on a case-by-case basis.  PTAC/PTA respects the privacy of PAUSD parents and guardians.
  7. We usually keep a news items in publication for only 2 weeks, approx. This helps us keep the news fresh and concise.
    Our PTA eNews Editors and VPs Communications may choose, however, not to publish items due to space or content limitations. We do this to ensure that our PAUSD schools with their own events, activities, and fundraisers take publication priority, and to ensure that we do not publish competing events to our parent community in PAUSD.


  1. Submission deadline is noon on the Wednesday before the week(end) that you would like your item published. Example: If you want your item to appear in the Friday March 15-Monday March 18 of our PTA schools’ eNews editions, please submit your item by noon on Wednesday March 13.
  2. Submit to eNews@paloaltopta.org only. Please do not submit your news items to the schools individually.
  3. We send a digest once a week to each eNews editor at each school. We do this late on Wednesdays. Any submission that comes in after our noon deadline will be held off until the next week.
  4. Schools do not send eNews during Thanksgiving Breaks, Winter Breaks, Spring Breaks, and Summer Breaks. Please see PAUSD Calendar to find out when those breaks occur.
  5. When submitting your news item, please include your non-profit Tax ID number. We won’t include your number in your listing; this is just for our records.
  6. The body of your item must be 100 words or less. If you submit something longer, it will be edited for length. Our PTA eNews Editors and VPs Communications also reserve the right to edit and alter submitted items for clarity or content. Each school eNews also have the right to run or not run, or edit for length for their school’s PTA eNews.
  7. Please submit your item only as text in the body of an email. We cannot use PDFs, attached flyers, images, or photos.
  8. ENews Formatting below, or see example here:

    • Event name in Bold Arial 10 font, please no all-cap;
    • Time/Location line in Bold Arial 10 font;
    • Day of week is written and abbreviated; month is written and abbreviated, no periods after abbreviation, date is numerical (never use “th” or “rd” on this line), no year; hours are reduced to the minimum descriptor (no :00, but fractions of hours listed, like :15 and :30), hour range separated by a single dash with no space between numbers, followed by “A or “P” (not am or pm);
    • Body of item should be one paragraph of text: Arial 10 font; No first-person writing (edit out/change any “I am writing to”). Do not use exclamation points. Limit to 100 words, not including the organizer(s) and sponsor(s) contact information. The body of item can/should contain relevant grade levels — e.g., is it for parents of students in specific grades, all parents, or parents plus high-school students? etc. A URL or contact address for further info, questions, signups, etc. Any deadlines (e.g., “sign up by October 25”) Whether simultaneous Spanish translation will be available and whether childcare will be available (important for events aimed at parents of younger children). Costs associated with the event (for admission, childcare, etc.)
    • It is ok to also submit the same item in different languages (ie. Spanish and Mandarin) if you’ve already done the translations yourself. We do not do the actual translation, but we are happy to publish your single submission if you send it to us in different languages.
    • Your submission will be reviewed and reformatted if necessary. You may or may not receive an acknowledgment email from the PTAC eNews coordinator that your submission is being processed.