eNews Info and Guidelines

How to Create an Announcement for the District-wide eNews service

[The weekly deadline for submissions is noon on Wednesday.]

Running an event of interest to the PAUSD community?

If you represent a non-profit organization, that is not sports related, then your event can be published in eNews.

Our PTA Enews Editors and VP Communications  for the PTA Council may choose, however, not to publish any activities of other commercial or non-profit organizations including, but not limited to, the promotion of their events, fundraisers, and goods and services, due to space or content limitations. We do this to ensure that our PAUSD schools with their events, activities, and fundraisers take publication priority, and to ensure that we do not publish competing fundraisers to our parent community in PAUSD.

Only submissions from nonprofit organizations will be considered for placement in the eNews. Enews editors and VP of PTAc Communications also reserve the right to edit and alter submitted articles for clarity or content.

For more information on publicizing sports related activities see the Sports and Activities page

PTAC eNews accepts eNews blurbs only from Non-profit organizations

To get your event publicized in eNews, you can send a message (eNews blurb)  to our eNews coordinator at eNews@paloaltopta.org.  eNews coordinator  will then share your event information with ALL 17 individual school eNews coordinators. [That means you can send it out once instead of 17 times!]

Digests containing recently submitted events are sent to school eNews editors once a week during term time (on Wednesdays). Individual editors then send out their own eNews listings once or twice a week, depending on each individual school’s policy.  The deadline for each’s week’s submissions is noon on Wednesday.

Here’s a brief guide to creating an announcement for the eNews bulletin.

Please submit your article as text in the body of an email. We do not accept submissions in PDF format, and we cannot post fliers, esp. those with images or photos.

When composing an eNews message, please include the following information:

The Format for the each eNews blurb is as follows:

Submission Format:

Title line: Event; Arial 10, Bold font, no all-cap. Make it short and distinctive: e.g. “Learn about Inclusiveness in Middle School” instead of just “Parent Ed Event on May 3.”

Time/Location line:  Italic Arial 10 font;

Day of week is written and abbreviated; month is written and abbreviated, no periods after abbreviation, date is numerical (never use “th” or “rd” on this line), no year; hours are reduced to the minimum descriptor (no :00, but fractions of hours listed, like :15 and :30), hour range separated by a single dash with no space between numbers, followed by “am or “pm” (no space separating); if both times are am or pm then eliminate the first am or pm.  No periods in am or pm.  location follows

Body of blurb:  Arial 10 font; No first-person writing (edit out/change any “I am writing to”), do include factual and major event points.  Do not use exclamation points. Limit to 3-4 sentences, not including the organizer(s) and sponsor(s) contact information

The body of blurb can/should contain relevant grade levels — e.g., is it for parents of students in specific grades, all parents, or parents plus high-school students? etc. A URL or contact address for further info, questions, signups, etc. Any deadlines (e.g., “sign up by October 25”)  Whether simultaneous Spanish translation will be available and whether childcare will be available (important for events aimed at parents of younger children).  Costs associated with the event (for admission, childcare, etc.)

Please note: eNews editors at each school decide whether and when to publish an item. Editors are requested to keep repeating announcements until the date of the event. Please make sure to announce events far enough ahead for parents to buy tickets, secure sitters etc.  A good lead time to aim for is around three weeks before the event.  It advised to resend the blurb if you need it to be repeated.

Your submission will be reviewed and reformatted if necessary to be a single block of text. You may or may not receive an acknowledgment email from the PTAC eNews coordinator that your submission is being processed.

Sports event news is not published as part of eNews-blurb bulletin. We recommend that sports events be published via Activity Hero. To post your event on Activity Hero, go the Activity Hero Listing Page.

For more information contact the editor at:  eNews@paloaltopta.org or PTAeNews@yahoo.com