Social Emotional Learning

Committee Chairs: Indira Selvakumaraswamy & Husna Hashmi


The goal of the Social Emotional Learning committee is to promote social emotional competencies within our students. This is a significant and valuable role for each school site and one that provides collaborative vision to ensure that PAUSD schools are centered on the “Whole child “development and growth. This effort is accomplished by:

  • Working with school staff and parents to develop appropriate programs for students and families that support SEL knowledge and foster opportunities to practice and apply SEL skills at school and in the community.
  • Creating awareness and sharing information about SEL
  • Providing parent education activities and events.
  • Raising specific issues in relation to their sites
  • Supporting SEL efforts brought about by the School District

Latest Presentation –  SELCommitte171018Overview

Second SEL Team Meeting

When: Dec 18, 2017

Where: SDC Board Room (25 Churchill Ave.)

Time: 8:45 am- 10 am

Description and Responsibilities of SEL Rep. Position 

SEL (social and emotional learning) Skills are skills needed to help maximize a child’s academic potential in addition to helping them thrive as a successful adult. These competencies are very crucial for a well rounded and a ‘whole child’ development and growth.

Committee Lead/ Rep./Coordinator role 

This can be a one person position or if a few volunteers are interested, it can be a Committee position as well.

At the Middle /High school level – there can be grade-wise Rep(s) that can help form the committee or lead the committee.

The Objective of the SEL Committee Lead/ Rep./Coordinator – is to ensure that their school site is paying equal attention to and are imparting relevant SEL Skills to all the children in their school (and not just focusing on Academics). In the process, help with Parent Engagement and awareness as well.


(i) At the School Site level -

  • Create awareness and ensure that extra support is given to all parents in your school, by means of appropriate Parent Education Activities and Events.
  • Post discussion topics, resource links, book lists on your PTA communication channels, eNews and any other relevant networks.

(ii) The SEL Committee Lead/Rep./Coordinator of each school site will need to work collaboratively with the PTAC SEL Chair for:

  • Information sharing – sharing and discussion of topics of interest.
  • Raising specific issues, any areas of concern in relation to your site, if any.
  • Work to bring positive solutions and to
  • Help with any other related efforts brought about by the School District.


  • There will be regular meetings scheduled with all SEL Chairs, at a mutually arrived at convenient times, to share and collate information, brainstorm  and to address issues.

Training will also be held as needed (based on the demand and necessity).