Health and Wellness


Committee Members include:   Jessica Ferrell, Rebecca Scholl, David Shen, Lama Rimawi and Belinda Ryan.

The goal of the Health and Wellness Committee is to support school site efforts within one or more of the broad areas of the CDC’s Coordinated School Health Model:

  • Nutrition Services
  • Physical Education
  • School Health Services
  • Healthy School Environment
  • Health Education
  • Family and Community Involvement
  • Counseling, psychological and social services
  • Health Promotion for School Personnel


Last year (2016-2017), we presented a series of dietary guidelines and guidelines on celebrations, rewards, and fundraising with a focus on healthy nutrition and limiting sugar. PTAC endorsed these guidelines, and they are being implemented through the elementary schools now.  The guidelines that we presented are here:

PAUSD Draft Dietary Guidelines v7 June 2017

Celebration Guidelines v1.3 June 2017

Healthy Alternatives to Fundraising v1.1 June 2017

Alternatives to Food Rewards v1.2 June 2017

PTAC supports these guidelines and supports their implementation across the district:

PTAC Letter of Endorsement for Sugar-Nutrition Guidelines Audrey Gold Signed 9-18-17