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Safe Routes to School

Palo Alto Council of PTAs

The Palo Alto Council of PTAs (PTAC) has a long track record of supporting safe walking and rolling, and transit for our students to get to school. Currently we’re working on the Safe Streets for Palo Alto Campaign.

Safe Streets for Palo Alto!

Over 50% of our students walk & roll to school every day, and the City of Palo Alto is in the top 5 cities nation-wide with a population over 60,000 with the most bicycle commuters. Yet, Palo Alto does not have a policy in place to protect these and other vulnerable road users. Please join Bike Walk Palo Alto and other community organizations to urge City Council to adopt a Safe System policy for road safety and to set an ambitious timeline for pursuing the city’s goal of zero severe injuries and roadway fatalities on streets in Palo Alto. Sign the online petition HERE!

Past Campaigns

A full list of past positions taken by PTAC can be found here. This list includes support for School Crossing Guards, the 2012 Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation Plan (BPTP), and the Charleston/Arastradero Corridor Project.

Other organizations

In addition to Safe Routes to School, there are a number of other organizations promoting walking and bicycling in Palo Alto.

Walk Bike Palo Alto

Walk Bike Palo Alto is a local, grass roots group working for better Active Transportation in Palo Alto, encouraging more people to choose to walk or bike more often – any age, new or longtime residents, whether for health/fitness, for everyday trips, for a more sustainable future, or just for fun. Visit them at

Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition’s (SVBC) purpose is to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. Find out more at

Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange

The Silicon Valley Bicycle Exchange is a local organization that repairs bicycles for reuse, distributes them through local charities, and trains their volunteers in bicycle repair, all at the same time. They are also a source for fixed up used bicycles.

About | Getting to School | Calendar | Advocacy | Volunteers
Walk & Roll Maps | Report a Service Request to the City of Palo Alto

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