Healthy Habits, Healthy Lives

Wed, Oct. 4, 6:30-8:30pm, SDC Room, District Office, 25 Churchill Ave, Palo Alto

Navigating and understanding nutrition guidelines can be challenging and confusing.  Dr. Rosner will help to clear up some of this confusion as she discuss healthy eating guidelines and healthy habits.  She will provide ways to incorporate these suggestions into our daily lives and leave us empowered with the knowledge to lead a healthy life. Jeanne Rosner is a board certified anesthesiologist who practiced at Stanford Medical Center for nearly 20 years. Since retiring from anesthesia, she has been a nutrition educator at local middle schools throughout the Bay area and started a venture called SOUL (seasonal, organic, unprocessed, local) Food Salon (

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Our voices are really needed to pass some critical 2017 California PTA approved education legislation.  It will be fantastic to have our you (with your iPhones!) clicking for these bills in September when the  he CA legislature is voting.
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94 Years of PTA Power

Palo Alto PTA Council   Founded Jan. 1, 1923

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Addison Elementary PTA 03/15/1927  –90 years !
Barron Park Elementary PTA 10/13/1998
Duvenack Elementary PTA 10/02/1951
El Carmelo Elementary PTA 06/09/1955
Escondido Elementary PTA 11/29/1960
Fairmeadow Elementary PTA 04/30/1952
Gunn High PTSA 05/14/1964
Herbert Hoover Elementary PTA 05/24/1976
Jane Lathrop Stanford Middle PTA 11/12/1953
Jordan Middle PTA 04/08/1991
Juana Briones Elementary PTA 10/10/1952
Lucille M Nixon Elementary PTA 06/06/1978
Ohlone Elementary PTA 12/09/1953
Palo Alto High PTSA 06/11/1929
Palo Verde Elementary PTA 05/21/1953
Terman Middle School PTA 02/27/2001
Walter Hays Elementary PTA 06/11/1929