• Works with a committee, appointed by the president, to plan and organize fundraising activities
  • Focuses on raising the amount of funds needed to meet the unit’s budget
  • Presents reports on proposed fundraising activities at board and association meetings for approval

CA PTA Sixth District Training video (2022) – Fundraising

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PAUSD PTAs have one or more of the following fundraising programs in order to meet their INCOME goal for the school year.

Check out what other sites were/are doing for ideas:

Need a 2nd campaign?

Here are some ideas for a 2nd Campaign.


Here are some articles written by different PAUSD PTAs to explain why parents/teachers should donate to the PTA. Feel free to copy/edit it to suit your community.


The PTA loves our school and we want all of our students to have equal access to all of the materials and activities in school. We also fund supplemental enrichment programs that we believe will benefit all of our students. 

We ask for parents to donate one time at the beginning of the school year, eliminating fees and requests for donations throughout the year. 
This year, we are asking parents to donate $XXX per student with a goal of raising $XXX,XXX to support and enrich the curriculum at (school).

The PTA funds (list specifics):

  • General School Supplies
  • Storytelling Workshop for our English/Language Arts classes 
  • Library Books and Author Visits
  • Science Fair
  • School Dances and Lunch Clubs 
  • Materials and Supplies for Art, P.E.
  • and more!

Together, we are building the school and community that we want for all of our families. Thank you.


Why does PTA need to raise money beyond its membership fees?
Our school community is made up of families representing a wide range of socio-economic backgrounds. In order to ensure all Addison students are provided with a rich environment for learning and growing, our PTA raises money so that every student has access to classroom supplies, community events and educational experiences and programs.


2021 Video Ask by then Co-President, Chris Colohan:

Back to School flyer


PTA pays for “Stuff” (e.g. Programs, Materials & Events) that creates a robust education for all students, in an engaging and safe environment.

We support programs for Parents, Teachers, and Students as follows:

Parents: We provide community forums and education for parents though parent networks and parent ed programs. We provide communications, and volunteer and event coordination through Fletcher e-news, the Fletcher PTA website, and the online directory on our UpToUs platform. We communicate and advocate legislation to benefit our students through our local, state and national advocacy program.

Teachers: We provide for our teachers with teacher grants, school capital grants, and school program support (through donations and volunteers).  We provide funds for teacher development and materials across departments. Lastly, we organize, volunteer for, and donate food for many staff appreciation events throughout the year.

Students: We provide student scholarships, assemblies, speaker series, student clubs and events, and Bike Repair. We communicate and organize volunteers for a wide range of school events and programs including 6th Grade Science Camp, 8th Grade Recognition Night, Science Fair, Drama productions, the Ice Cream Social, Book-a-thon, and TASK, the student led social kindness group.


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