CA PTA Job Description:

  • Assists the president to manage meetings and advises on parliamentary procedure
  • Chairs Bylaws committee to review unit Bylaws each year and revise Bylaws every three years
  • Arranges nominating committee’s first meeting, providing information on nomination and election process

CA PTA Sixth District Training – Parliamentarian (May 2022)


Look through to find answers to FAQs

President*Who is on the Board
*List of VPs
SR 5
*What day of which month are the General Association meetings
*What day of the month are Executive Board meetings

*For General Association meetings: agendas highlighting actions/votes by members to be posted 10-90 days in advanceVII.1
*Quorum for General Association VII.5
*Appoint the Auditor to be ratified at which General Association meetingVIII.2.i
*Quorum for Executive BoardVIII.6
Treasurer*Membership Dues
*When PTAC portion is due
*Who are Check Signers. SR6
Parliamentarian*Who is on Nominating Committee. When do they need to be elected by the General Association. When does the Report of the Nominating Committee (a.k.a. Slate of Nominated Board members) be posted. V.4
*When are Elections? V.7


Consider starting recruitment at Winter Classroom parties, Choir/Orchestra/Band concerts, and other School-related events. Look for parents who are social, outgoing, and who enjoy getting to know new people.

Here is an example of an eNews article from Greene recruiting Nominating Committee members. Please feel free to copy/edit for your community

What is a Nominating Committee? The Nominating Committee (or NomCom for short) is a group of volunteer parents whose purpose is to seek out and recruit parents and teachers for our PTA Board positions and Key Chair roles for the XXXX School Year.

Yikes! That’s way in the future… I am just trying to survive this school year! Yes, we know. : ) However, our PTA bylaws dictate that the Nominating Committee must be voted in by the General Association at our XXXX meeting and post/publish the Nomination List by XXXX (28 days before the XXXX General Association meeting). Hence, the invitation to join. NomCom is here!

We are looking for parents with incoming Xth, current Xth, and/or Xth graders. The committee will include both experienced PTA members, as well as brand new parents and will have a total of X members with X alternate.

Why would I be interested in adding this to my plate? There are at least 3 great reasons…
1. You may be interested because you seek a deeper connection with our school and with our community. By joining NomCom, you learn more about how the PTA supports both. You’ll learn about our events, programs, and activities, and you will learn more about the school’s curriculum, enrichment, and campus needs and how PTA works to fill in gaps. And…
2. You will also be with a team of parents who are like-minded. And…
3. This is also a short, time-defined service. No matter what, it will start on XXX and will end on XXX. 

If you don’t know anything about the PTA or about the school and you want to learn more, and the timeframe works, this is the opportunity for you.

Interested?If you are – or if you are a firm maybe, please contact XXXX, Parliamentarian. XXX would love to chat with you about this opportunity and answer any questions you may have; they will be co-hosting an Info meeting in the coming weeks. Thank you!

Nominating Committee Slidedeck/Script – template

Elections Slidedeck/Script – template

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