Whistleblower and CONFLICT OF INTEREST policies

The Treasurer is responsible for distributing the Whistleblower and Conflict of Interest policies to each Board and Committee member, and for collecting the signed forms.



A copy of this policy shall be given to all members of the board, officers, and staff members upon commencement of such person’s relationship with the PTA or at the official adoption of this policy. Each board member, officer, and staff member shall sign and date the policy at the beginning of his or her term of service or employment and each year thereafter. Failure to sign does not nullify the policy.

Each member of the board, officer, and staff member shall annually sign a statement which affirms such person (see Conflict/Whistleblower Form):

a. Has received a copy of this conflict of interest policy,

b. Has read and understands the policy,

c. Has agreed to comply with the policy, and

d. Understands that the PTA is a constituent organization of the California State PTA as a nonprofit corporation and in order to maintain its federal tax exemption it must engage primarily in activities which accomplish one or more of its tax exempt purposes.


Whistleblower Policy

This Whistleblower Policy of the California State PTA: (1) encourages directors, officers, staff and volunteers to come forward with credible information on illegal practices or serious violations of adopted policies of the association; (2) specifies that the association will protect the person from retaliation; and (3) identifies where such information can be reported.

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