(HOW TO) ParentSquare

The Palo Alto Unified School District uses ParentSquare as its communications platform. PAUSD shares the platform with the PTAs which uses it for their eNewsletter and primary communications platform.


Set ParentSquare Notifications


Is your student coming home talking about a new friend they’ve made and they want a playdate/ hangout?

Have you met a parent at one of the Back To School activities or during drop-off/ pick-up, but you can’t remember their name?

You may be able find names and contact information using the ParentSquare Directory function – check out the VIDEO TOUR.


Why don’t I see the name I’m looking for? Or, this looks like an incomplete Class list. Only parents who gave their permission during the Annual Data Update or Registration will be listed in the Directory.

I see a name, but incomplete contact information. What information is shown in the Directory is what the parent has chosen to show. 


Can I message someone through ParentSquare? Yes. If you don’t use the app, when you message parents through the portal, they will receive your message as a ParentSquare email. They will have to log into ParentSquare to reply. If this is too cumbersome, you may copy their email/phone number and use regular email/text channels. Alternatively, if you use the custom ParentSquare app and the receiving parent also has the custom app – you’ll be able to correspond with each other through the app.


CREATE: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1l5MGHVJUjLM0nGI4_HSCEzHXqxlCItSYOSKSuHyRQXw/edit?usp=sharing


Editing a Post is ideal for correcting typos or other small errors. It is silent and will just mean that when parents look at the Post on the PS app or website next, they will see the corrected version.

Updates on the other hand, appear in a box on the top of the same Post, and timestamped at the bottom of in regular font. Updates will be sent to parents as a follow-up to the original Post.

Post Add-Ons

On the left sidebar is a list of Add-Ons you can add to the Post.

Calendar Entry / RSVP allows us to get a headcount of how many people are planning to attend an event. You can also set a time for an automated reminder. Note that guests are able to change their own RSVP until the event start time.

Attach Photos & Files allows us to attach a file to the Post. If you have more to attach than the system allows, upload the file(s) to Google Drive and send the link in the email body.

Forms allows us to attach things like Field Trip Permission slips, Driver Forms, etc. Here’s a guide on Forms.

Ask for Items / Request Volunteers allows us to organize potlucks or other events where we need parents to bring items. This can also be used to offer items where there’s no limit as to how many items a parent can sign-up for. For example, if you have 100 books and would like to allow parents to ‘claim’ / take them, without limiting how many each parent can claim.

Request Payments allows schools to seek payments and donations, all within ParentSquare. Future capability for PTAs in 2023-2024. Learn more about the Payments module.

Please note that non-ParentSquare people are able to donate or make purchases when you select “Allow Guest Payments”

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