Mission: The mission of the technology team within the PTA Council is to save precious volunteer time throughout the school district by using technology to make processes more efficient, encouraging the use of common software and best practices, and educating PTA members on how to use technology to make their jobs easier.

The technology collaborative committee is made up of two subcommittees, which are both chaired by the Chief Technologist:

(1) PTA Websites Subcommittee

The PTA webmasters have been functioning as a collaborative committee since a small group of PTA webmasters first began meeting in the fall of 2013.  The initial task of this group was to work in conjunction with PAUSD IT define what belongs on the PTA website versus the school website.   In 2015, this same subcommittee developed a common design template for PTA websites, which is now used for websites by all of the PTAs within the district and by Safe Routes To School.

(2) Directories, Google Apps and Other Technology Subcommittee

This subcommittee is focused on all other areas of technology besides websites.  These include online directories, Google Apps, Dropbox, online forms, etc.  As with the PTA websites, our goal is to encourage the adoption of common software solutions across the district.  At present, we are working with the Treasurers on a common solution for online payments.

If you have a technology background and would be interested in joining our district wide effort to improve PTA technology, please email





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