Sun Safety and Skin Health Talk

Parent talk by Dermatologist Dr. Amy Adams
Tuesday, April 24, 6.30 PM, Fairmeadow Elementary School, MP Room, 500 E. Meadow Dr. Palo Alto
Join PAMF Dermatologist and parent Dr. Amy Adams for a brief informative talk on sun safety.

With warm sunny days just around the corner, kids will be spending more time outside. This means more exposure to the sun’s harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, which increase the risk of skin cancer. It’s time to get prepared! Amy’s talk will cover: why kids’ skin needs protection from the sun, why sun protection isn’t only for people with pale skin, how to get adequate vitamin D, how to choose a sunscreen for your family, how to recognize skin cancer. Parents and caregivers, children and staff are all welcome. Please RSVP here. For any questions, please contact Belinda Ryan at