Study Abroad, or host a foreign exchange student next Fall

I have been volunteering with AFS ( ) for the past 9 years since we hosted a student from Argentina in 2013.  AFS is the largest and oldest student exchange organization in the US.

It’s not too early to think about introducing your student to the idea of foreign exchange.  Spending a school year abroad is a great way for your student to: 

  • Learn a language.
  • Develop independence and personal maturity
  • Have a stand-out credential for college applications.

Hosting an exchange student is an excellent introduction to foreign exchange.   Your student and family get to learn first hand about other countries and cultures.

We’re looking for families who can host a foreign exchange student in 2023.  The majority of our students are here for the school year and arrive in August 2023.  A few are here for 6 months only and will arrive in January 2023. 

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To get an idea of what this experience is like, please check out this video: 

Jon Klein ( ) 
Palo Alto’s AFS volunteer