SHARE THE COST RALLY: Thank You for Providing Your Voice and Support for Our Kids

The PTA Council express our heartfelt thanks to everyone helping to provide a VOICE for our kids. We ask for your continued support and watch.

Thank you to all PTA members, students, parents and guardians, Palo Alto residents, and neighbors for coming out to the PTA Council School RALLY last Thursday evening at City Hall. The PTA Council would like to thank Supervisor Joe Simitian and Supervisor Cindy Chavez who graciously attended our school rally. We are committed to supporting our school district (PAUSD) and district leadership Dr. Don Austin (Superintendent), Karen Hendricks (Deputy Superintendent), Dr. Jim Novak (Chief Business Officer), Anne Brown (Academic Officer PK-5), Sharon Ofek (Academic Officer 6-12), and Derek Moore (Chief Technology Officer). Finally, the PTA Council would like to express our continuing support and appreciation of their service to our community to all five (5) of PAUSD Board Trustees, Melissa Baten Caswell, Todd Collins, Ken Dauber, Dr. Jennifer DiBrienza, and Shounak Dharap. The strength of our community is evident when we come together and we work together, this includes Stanford University. We are stronger when we stand together.

Special thanks to Escondido Elementary School for providing sound amplification equipment and engineering support (Ned Narayan). Middle School PTAs, including JLS, Fletcher, as well as Nixon Elementary School PTA, and the Palo Alto Chinese Parent Club (PACPC) contributed to feeding the crowd at the dinner hour with lots and lots of pizzas. We are grateful for their generosity. Thank you to Sonya Bradski and Stacey Ashland for serving all the pizzas. We could not have done this without everyone pitching in. And everyone did.

Finally, we would also like to thank all PTA Council leadership, especially those who were present at the RALLY, including Gabrielle Conway (Vice President Communications), Heather Sahami (Secretary), Shweta Choudry (Co-Treasurer), Michelle Higgins (Vice President Outreach), Sumita Vasudeva (Co-Vice President Health & Wellness), Husna Hashmi (Social Emotional Learning Committee Co-Chair), Christina Schmidt (Executive Vice President), Nancy Krop (VP Advocacy Consultant) and Jade Chao (PTA Council President).