NEW! Relief Fund Benefiting PAUSD Families Financially Impacted by COVID-19

Many in our school and local community have asked how to help PAUSD families who have been financially impacted by the COVID-19 shelter in place order. The Palo Alto Community Fund (PACF) launched a COVID-19 Relief Fund specifically aimed at supporting urgent need in our nearby community, with a specific focus on PAUSD families. PACF launched the fund with a $100,000 investment, of which a sizable portion was designated to help meet basic life needs for families of students attending PAUSD schools.  As PACF’s fund grows, so will the support to the PAUSD community. Please donate using this link if you are able to support this effort.

For more information about Palo Alto Community Fund or the COVID-19 Relief Fund contact Cammie Vail, Executive director at PACF, or 650-690-0370.