MyPTEZ: Setting up the Webstore

The Webstore on MyPTEZ is an add-on to your annual subscription. As of 10/2022 – it was $30 per year.

* Once set up correctly, it can be a one-stop shop for your parents/teachers to make their Annual Donation, PTA membership, and any other PTA products (in some schools: Bagel tickets, Yearbook, PE clothes, etc.).
* Many schools have created a “Full Package” option which allows parents to buy one of everything with ‘one-click’, instead of loading multiple things into their cart. (Scroll down to PRO TIP section for How To)

* Troublesome to issue refunds
* Appearance of store is simple/too simple

SET UP myPTEZ Webstore, link to PayPal

  1. My PTEZ >> Admin >> Our PTA

2. Our PTA >> Payment Processors

3. Open a new window and log into PAYPAL to find your “API credentials” to find the API Username, API Password, and API Signature.

4. Enter the PayPal API User Name, API Password, and API Signature into their corresponding MyPTEZ Fields. If applicable, update PayPal fields to match myPTEZ budget line item, e.g. some PTAs budget for fees – update PayPal Processing Fee Account field with myPTEZ budget line item.

  • Test credentials to confirm.

5. In My PTEZ, create new categories to match PayPal categories.

  • PayPal Undeposited Funds (Asset) – this category is for a temporary holding place until you “Make A Deposit”. ALERT: In MyPTEZ: Be sure to transfer money out of this asset category into your PayPal account on so that there is no double accounting.
  • PayPal Convenience Fee (Income) – this category comes into play IF you charge your parents/donors a convenience fee. Most PTAs absorb the fee/ include the PayPal fee in their product price
  • PayPal Record Amount (Income)
  • Processing Fee Account. If you already have a category for your bank fees/ merchant fees/ online fees – list it in this field.

DESIGN THE LOOK of the Webstore

In MyPTEZ: Admin >> Web Store >> Web Store Admin

STORE >> Convenience Fee Management
* You can collect additional funds for PayPal fees using “Fixed Amount” and “Sale Percentage”

Or, if you choose not to collect additional fees, you may include this note.

>> Design Store to select Header/Announcement, color scheme, etc.

Add Items to your Web Store

and other videos:

Some common Items in a PTA Webstore…

Some common “Options”, aka data to be collected as a part of each sale

Example of what a Donor may see when purchasing a PTSA membership


MEMBERSHIPS – set up the Product: PTA membership using “Split” button to automatically split memberships into Unit and PassThru buckets


Leave “Identify purchase on sale” UNCHECKED, because when this box is checked, myPTEZ will force your Donor to create an account, which may be a deterrent.

Instead, use “Options” to create fields to collect pertinent information e.g. Student Last Name, Student First Name, Class of /Grade, Member Last Name, etc.


>>OPTIONS, aka data fields to be completed by Donor

>>Add OPTION (can be “Text Input” or “Selection List”. e.g. Collect Class of (aka Grade) of Student 1.

>>Link OPTION(S) to ITEM

You can download Webstore purchase information into .csv form to share with corresponding Officers. e.g. The Secretary will need Member Names for quorum. The VP Fundraising may want to know purchasing per Class of/ Grade. etc.


Create a Product that groups all of the typical purchases a Parent may make so they can purchase everything at one time, instead of adding multiple items to their basket.

This tool may be useful to Elementary school PTAs who collect their Annual Donation, PTA membership fees, Tickets for events/programs, Yearbook, etc.

>>Create Product

? Why not create a “Kit”? Although easy to create – the downside of the Kit is that your parents will have to enter in their information multiple times. Because each Item or Product has its own list of Options, the Kit pulls each Item’s Options and lists them. e.g. If you are collecting a Name for Annual Donation and a Name for Membership, the “Kit” will list “Name” twice.

>> SPLIT (button) for Sales Category


Highly recommended that you include a “Write Your Own” option in your Webstore with no Options/data collected. This Item can be a quick and anonymous way for a Donor to give to your PTA.

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