MyPTEZ: PayPal


via FORMSITE or other non-PTEZ collection method

  1. Determine RUN PERIOD
    • Figure out the closing date of the last run. Add 1 day to be the START DATE. e.g. Last meeting, 07/01/22-09/21/22 numbers were presented means that 09/22/22 is your START DATE. 
    • Tip for Closing Date – unless you’re running reports at 11:59pm, select a date prior to today; there is a chance that a donation or bank transaction could occur after you run your reports. E.g. if today is 10/03/2022 – select 10/02 as your closing date.
  2. Log into PayPal
    • Download transactions for the RUN PERIOD (e.g. 09/22/22 – 10/02/2022)

On scratch paper/ spreadsheet – separate deposits into categories and subtotal each category.

  • Direct Appeal
  • Membership – Unit
  • Membership – Not belong to Unit (aka Passthru)
  • Fees

3. Log into Formsite (or other). Download transactions for the same date range.

On scratch paper/ spreadsheet – separate deposits into categories and subtotal each category.

Reconcile PayPal and Formsite subtotals. **If there is an extra Formsite transaction, usually caused by a timing issue between Formsite entry and PayPal receipt, remove the extra Formsite entry and “save it for next time”.


  1. In MyPTEZ – “Write a New Receipt”
  • Date = END DATE of run
  • Memo = Date range of run
  • From = Multiple Donors
  • Category = input in the subtotals for your categories

2. In MyPTEZ – “Make Deposit”

Date = End Date of run
Memo = Multiple Donors
Save Deposit

“Balance Adjustments” to split out fees

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