MyPTEZ: PayPal Transfers

PAYPAL: Transferring funds from PP to a Bank Account

  1. ADVICE: Do not transfer money between accounts within 3 days of a PTA Board or General Association meeting. Due to banking rules, transfers may take 1-3 days to show up, i.e. funds may be debited from one account but not yet show up on the other. These “limbo” funds – although explainable – can make audit and treasurer reporting more complicated than necessary.
  2. Log into PayPal and initiate actual transfer. Depending on amount being transferred, expect 1-3 days for the funds to show up in Bank Account.
  3. In MyPTEZ: Balance Adjustment.
  • Date: Transfer initiated
  • Purpose: Transfer PayPal to XX
  • DECREASE PayPay – enter amount
  • Category: Bank Account(s). Please note that MyPTEZ allows splits between accounts.
  • SAVE

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