Make a reservation of a PAUSD facility using Facilitron.

All PAUDS facilities use the Facilitron platform for their reservations, aka permits. Each PAUSD PTA should have its own account which the President usually holds.

PRO TIP: If you are reserving PAUSD space, please double check with the School Admin (usually the Secretary at elementary schools or one of the Assistant Principals at the middle and high schools) availability, room set-up requirements, access to bathrooms, custodial help – particularly with required cleaning after an event, etc.

Each site has its own way of handling facility reservations.

If your PTA does not have an account, please ask your President to create one – tied to a generic email address which should be passed down from year-to-year (e.g. Each incoming President should change the password.

2. After logging in, use the Search window to find the space that you want.

3. Select the dates.

Please note there is a rolling blackout window – meaning that Facilitron will not allow you to reserve a space within so many days. (In 2021-2023, the blackout window was 35 days).

If your event is within the blackout window, make a reservation for the earliest possible date and then write in the comments the actual date desired.

If your desired date is available, the School Admin and the District Admin will change your permit date.

Screenshot of Blocked Off Dates

Other details:

INSURANCE: The PTA Council provides PAUSD Churchill with a Master Certificate of Insurance (COI) and Additional Insured page. Individual Palo Alto PTAs do NOT need to upload their own COI/AI pages.

PAYMENT: PTAs do NOT pay a fee to PAUSD for rental itself, but does pay for a custodian, if the PTA event is outside the normal custodial hours.

When entering events into Facilitron, once you get to the payment page, choose the “Pay by Mail” option to bypass the payment step. Make arrangements directly with the School to figure out payment.

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