Make a reservation of a PAUSD facility using Facilitron.

  • PTA Council provides PAUSD Churchill with a Master Certificate of Insurance (COI) and Additional Insured page. Individual Palo Alto PTAs do NOT need to upload their own COI/AI pages.
  • PTAs do NOT pay a fee to PAUSD for rental, except possibly for overtime payment of a custodian, if the PTA event is outside the normal custodial hours. When entering events into Facilitron, once you get to the payment page, choose the “Pay by Mail” option and it will let you bypass the payment step.
  • If your PTA does not already have an account with Facilitron (, then create one. Otherwise log in and reserve your facility.
  • *Tip* Find out from the school Principal which administrator is responsible for reviewing and approving rental requests. It is VERY HELPFUL to talk with this person ahead of time to ensure that all of their questions and concerns are address prior to submitting the request.

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