Information on New California Immunization Laws

This is to inform you of the new California immunization laws (SB 277), where changes have been enacted in the California Health and Safety Code, which will become effective in 2016.

The new amendments to the California Health and Safety Code will no longer permit Personal Beliefs Exemptions (PBEs) for children in childcare and public or private schools.  However, California PBEs submitted before January 1, 2016 will remain valid until the student reaches the next immunization checkpoint, either Kindergarten or 7th grade.

If you have a child entering Kindergarten or 7th grade in the fall,  he/she will be subjected to to this new immunization law. PBE’s will no longer be accepted at these grade levels.

Only Medical Exemption (ME) letters signed by a California licensed M.D or D.O. will be accepted. The ME letter must include all of the following information:

  • Child’s name and date of birth
  • A statement that the physical condition or medical circumstances of the child are such that the required immunizations are not indicated
  • Which vaccines are being exempted
  • Whether the medical exemption is permanent or temporary
  • The expiration date, if the exemption is temporary
  • Doctor’s signature and clinic stamp

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