Sally Siegel Award Recipients

The Sally Siegel award is the highest honor bestowed by the Palo Alto PTA Council.  It commemorates Sally Siegel, an education activist and first winner of the honor.   She passed away in 1988.


2017  Susan Usman for her work on teen mental health with Project Safety Net and support for historically underrepresented minority students.

2016 Diane Downend

2011  Sunny Dykwel

2011  Mandy Lowell

1999 Patrica Powell

1997 Richard Morris

1996  Mrs. Ethel Young

1996 Dr. Thomas Damon

1995 Stanley Parry

1995 Eva Cohn

1994  Al Russell

1994 Bob French

1991 Raymont Bacchett

1991 Carolyn Tucher

1988 Julie Jerome

1987 Jack Gibbany

1986 Rose Bird

1985 John Kagel

1992 Joe Simitian

1984 Bernard Tanner

1983 Ruth Lundy

1982 Florence Turner

1982 Ron Herring

1982 Frank Duvenck Sr.

1982 Florence Bogner

1981 Don Hammond