Heritage Month 2022

Learn, Teach, and Celebrate the Diversity of the Culture

Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month 

Celebrate Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month. Though the terms Asian American and Pacific Islander are often grouped together, each on its own represents a vast range of nations, ethnic groups, cultures, histories, and experiences. This rich diversity is reflected in Asian American and Pacific Islander students. 

Honoring each student’s unique identity means learning, teaching, and celebrating the diversity of communities with roots in Asia and the Pacific Islands. It also means taking a stand to support Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders within our schools and communities. With reports of anti-Asian hate crimes rising rapidly since 2019, it is ever more urgent to stand with our Asian American students, colleagues, and neighbors. As we work to ensure all students receive an excellent and equitable education, we must create safe, inclusive communities while denouncing and rooting out bias and hate. Regardless of their role, all adults in education play an important role in this work.  https://asianpacificheritage.gov/

Palo Alto City Libraries listings for family activities to celebrate AAPI Heritage Month. Check this link.

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