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April is Stress Awareness Month, so take a moment to actively prioritize your mental health. Get tips and resources at

How Do You Prioritize Mental Health?

It’s important to support the mental health of all children—before, during and after challenges arise — and to support parents’ and caregivers’ mental health too!

National PTA has developed the PTA Healthy Minds Program to empower families to make mental health an everyday priority. Check out the resources on this webpage, including informational and activity resources directly for families and resources to help PTAs run PTA Healthy Minds programming.

Families play an important role in:

  1. Providing children with strong mental health support.
  2. Incorporating positive mental health practices into their daily lives.
  3. Helping your children if they are struggling emotionally, mentally and physically.

To support your family, National PTA has created:

Informational Resources

These tools provide help background on how your family can build healthy minds.

Tools to Take Action

This discussion guide can help your family navigate having conversations about mental health, and the action plan gives you some tangible actions your family can take to start making building healthy minds a regular part of your lives.


To celebrate the Earth Month April 2022, please check out Earth Month Activities posting.

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