Data Drop

The Data Drop is the nickname for a file of parent contact information provided by PAUSD to each site PTA, if they have requested it.

Who is listed in the Data Drop?

Only parents who elect to share their contact information with the PTA are in the Data Drop.

Parents opt-in during PAUSD’s Annual Data Update (for returning students) or during student registration (for new students).

Parents who do not opt-in are not listed in the Data Drop and therefore do not receive PTA communications, unless they manually subscribe to them through the site PTA. (e.g. Constant Contact and MailChimp have a “subscription form”).

Which PTAs need the Data Drop?

PTAs who use platforms other than PAUSD’s ParentSquare need the Data Drop to populate their enewsletter platform and/or their directory.

Common email/ directory platforms include:

  • Constant Contact
  • MailChimp
  • Konstella
  • CheddarUp
  • Shutterfly ShareSites

If your PTA uses ParentSquare for its enewsletter, directory, parent groups, etc. – you do not need the Data Drop.


The Data Drop may only be used by designated PTA representatives for PTA Communications. The Data Drop may not be used for non-PTA Communications, nor shared with any non-designated persons.

How does a Site PTA ensure it receives the Data Drop?

Each site PTA President makes this request to the PTA Council President as soon as possible.

PAUSD provides the Data Drop about 3 times a year

  1. Early August, before school starts
  2. Late August, after school starts
  3. Mid January, after the start of the Spring semester

The Data Drop is provided to 1 assigned PTA representative per school site.

It is the responsibility of this 1 assigned PTA representative and the PTA Board Members to safeguard the Data Drop.

For technical help with uploading the Data Drop to your platform, please email

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