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The FREE iPhone App for people who want to influence legislation with the click of a button.

Speak up for your kids and family with the click of a button! Your voice matters when it comes to how our legislators vote. Stay informed and take action with this FREE PTA Click My Cause App.

CA PTA supported legislation needs your voice addressing 2017 bills including:

- Possession of a firearm in a school zone (AB 424)
- Visual and Performing Arts (AB 37)
- Trauma Screening (AB 340)
- Digital Citizenship and Literacy (SB 203)
- Civic Online Reasoning (AB 155)
- Human Trafficking (AB 371)
- High School Service Learning (AB 189)
- Immigration (AB 699)   Prohibits school officials from collecting information about the immigration status of the students or family.  To enter campus, ICE must produce 1) written statement of purpose, 2) judicial warrant or court order and 3) approval of the Superintendent.


How it works.  The PTA will send you a mobile alert when one of these CA PTA supported issues is up for vote in Sacramento.

  • Click 1 opens your mobile alert
  • Click 2 sends your pre-populated postcard email to Sacramento (your representatives, the committee hearing the issue, and the Governor).

In addition to receiving alerts, you can create your own postcard.  No more looking up your state representatives or writing letters.  Use the “contact representative” feature to enter the issue or legislation number and click “send postcard.”

Simply go the App Store and download the Click My Cause App.

  • Select the Palo Alto PTA Council as your organization.
  • Select “OK” when prompted to allow notifications so PTA can notify you when your voice is needed to influence legislation affecting children and families.

This app will be a game-changer.  I’ve seen the impact voter communication has in Sacramento.  In 2009, the Governor proposed cutting all funding for state parks.  Voters stopped those cuts by inundating the Governor and legislative offices with communications.  This app will make it much easier to communicate in a timely and effective manner.”

Joan Buchanan, former Chair, California Assembly Education Committee

You are encouraged to download the flyers below to share.    In just two clicks you can influence 2017 legislation as it is being made.

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