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PAUSD families, students and schools
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Your voice needed to advance critical CA PTA  supported 2019 state legislation, NOW through September 2019
  • Increase special education funding (AB 428)
  • Prevent student vaping (AB 131)
  • Support student mental health (AB 8)
  • Restore CA funding for K-12 education (AB 39). CA schools rank near bottom in per-student funding average (cost-of-living adjusted) and academic performance

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How it works

When a bill needs our voices, the Palo Alto PTA council sends you a mobile alert (a banner notification and a red badge appear on the app icon). Then, voila!:

  • Tap 1: Open alert
  • Tap 2: Send message (you message goes to your representatives, the committee hearing the issue, and the Governor).

Get Started

Simply go the App Store and download the Click My Cause App.

  • Select the Palo Alto PTA Council as your organization.
  • Select “allow” to allow  notifications – you must do this to receive your mobile alerts

This app is a game-changer.  I’ve seen the impact voter communication has in Sacramento.  In 2009, the Governor proposed cutting all funding for state parks.  Voters stopped those cuts by inundating the Governor and legislative offices with communications.  This app makes it much easier to communicate in a timely and effective manner.”

Joan Buchanan, former Chair, California Assembly Education Committee

Download and share our PTAC mobile alerts flyer

PTAC 2019 Mobile Alerts

PTAC Legislative Successes – 2017, 2018!

We helped to pass these fabulous bills into law for our students and families:

  • Student suicide Intervention – prevention and training at K-12 schools (AB 2639)
  • Homeless Youth Act
  • Family engagement – a proven model for student success
  • Guns banned -from school zones (AB 424)
  • Protected immigrant students (AB 699).  No child should fear An coming to school. School campuses are no places to conduct raids or investigate children.
  • School meals for low income students (SB 138). Hungry children can’t learn.
  • Prohibit trying children in adult courts
  • English Learning Assistance
  • Visual and performing arts standards
Huge thanks again for partnering with Click My Cause. You made it SO easy for people to advocate for our students and their families – with just a click of a button.