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Palo Alto PTA Council Looking for a good volunteers

Palo Alto PTA Council Welcomes You Back-To-School
Welcome back to school. Whether your children are at an elementary, middle or high school, each school’s PTA/PTSA has been busy all summer in the behind the scenes work, e.g., back to school (BTS) packets, BTS events, and other projects. PTA volunteers help make school communities strong. Thank you for your involvement, whether in giving your time, talent, or treasure. Come hear and speak at the 1st PTAC GENERAL ASSOCIATION meeting on September 12 (Wed). For information about PTAC meetings and events/activities, check this web page or email us at
Palo Alto Council of PTAs – Looking for a few good men and women…
If you have a desire to serve your community, want to know what is happening, enjoying meeting other like minded seasoned PTA members, we have a suggestion for you. The Palo Alto Council of PTAs (PTAC) is looking to fill a few remaining key volunteer and board positions.
PTA Council meets monthly. PTA volunteers also served on committees, including but not limited those listed below. Please consider this an opportunity to be influential in our students’ education with our strategic partners. All level of experience, expertise, and interest welcome.
Vice President of Advocacy
Vice President of Arts
Vice President of Parent Education
Vice President of Communication (Co-Position)
Sponsorship Committee (3 members – Fall)
Elections Observers Committee (2 members – Fall) – this is a non-partisan group
Honorary Service Awards Committee (3 members – Spring)
125th Celebration Committee (3 members – Spring)
Please email us at Join us!