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Speak up for our Students – APP Now with a Tap on Your Phone!

Speak up for our Students – APP Now with a Tap on Your Phone!
Critical CA PTA approved bills need your support now in Sacramento:
  • Increase K-12 school funding (AB 2808)
  • Help Foster Youth (AB 2043)
  • Help Homeless Youth (AB 1406)
  • Pupil Suicide Prevention and Training (AB 2639)
  • Investing in Pre-K (AB 1754)
You can support any of these bills – within seconds. 
Just a tap on your phone, using the free Click My Cause Two-Tap app, available in the App Store. When a bill needs public support, we’ll send you a mobile alert:
  • Tap  1: open alert
  • Tap 2: message Sacramento
Download the app now and see the instructions at

Click My Cause – the easy way to advocate

Speak up now for PAUSD students! Take action with a fast click of a button. Your voice needed to advance 3 critical CA education bills:
  • Increase funding for K-12 education (AB 2808). CA schools are funded far below national average (cost-of-living adjusted)
  • Pupil suicide prevention and training (AB 2639, Asm Berman)
  •  Invest in Pre-K education (AB 1754). Every dollar invested in early education saves CA many, many more dollars later
  • Download the Click My Cause iPhone app (with download instructions) at Select “Palo Alto PTA Council” to send your alerts. Look for repeated alerts through September 30, 2018 Click “Ok” to allow notifications. You must do this to receive your mobile alerts