PTAC Advocacy Guidelines

The Palo Alto Council of Parent Teachers Associations (PTAC) can lend its support to causes by writing letters, co-sponsoring events, and engaging in advocacy.  Want PTAC to support something you care about?  We want to hear about it.

Things to think about when asking PTAC to take a position on an issue:

Is it related to children, schools, families, or the Palo Alto community?

PTA is the oldest children’s advocacy group in the country.  We generally take positions on issues related to children and families, and that extends to community concerns, education, family engagement, and health.

Is it a non-partisan issue?

PTAC is a non-partisan organization, so we can co-sponsor events that are not affiliated with any specific party.  For example, we can and do co-host events that invite all candidates for school board to meet and talk to voters.  We also co-sponsor and support events that are educational, such as programs related to health.  The council also takes positions on non-partisan political issues such as bond measures, parcel taxes and propositions, etc.

Is it consistent with prior positions taken by PTAC, the Sixth District PTA, or the state-wide PTA?

If you are asking us to follow up on a position we have taken in the past, such as writing a second letter on the same issue, we can generally do so without having to put the issue to a vote at a Palo Alto PTA Council meeting.  If the state and/or district PTA has made a recommendation or taken a position on an issue, our council needs to be in alignment with that position. You can find our recent positions here and state-wide PTA’s positions here.

Is there sufficient time for us to take action?

If it is a new or different position for us, we need to consider it at a General PTA Council Meeting, so that the representatives from each school in Palo Alto have a chance to hear about and vote on the position.  These meetings are generally a few times a year, and only during the school year, so we often need a significant lead time.  You can find the calendar of our meetings here.

If you would like to discuss an advocacy position with PTAC, please contact, or the VP of Advocacy at or the Vice President  whose issue area most closely aligns with the topic you’d like to discuss.

We look forward to hearing from you.