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Congratulations: 2017 PAUSD employee retirees

Thank you to these people that made a difference in our schools.   Enjoy your retirement.


  • Suzanne Antink — Mathematics Resource Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) District Office
  • Scott Bowers — Assistant Superintendent, Human Resources
  • Christi Diemer — Special Education Aide, Educational Options
  • Linda Dillon — Secretary to the Associate Superintendent, Educational Services
  • Sharon Ferguson — Coordinator, Art Education
  • BJ Floersheim — K-4 Music Teacher
  • Triona Gogarty — Teacher, Ronald McDonald House
  • Annette Welsh — Secretary & Hiring Analyst, Human Resources
  • Alice Hahn — Student Attendant, Gunn High School
  • Chris Horpel — Physical Education Teacher, Gunn High School
  • Sharon Yost — Special Education Teacher, Gunn High School
  • Deborah Adams — Special Education Aide, JLS Middle School
  • Bradley Booth — Industrial Technology Teacher, JLS Middle School
  • Melissa Ristich Kaiser — Data Secretary, JLS Middle School
  • Lynn Ritter — Student Attendant, Terman Middle School
  • Lorraine Delannoy — Secretarial Supervisor, Jordan Middle School
  • Robin Levy — Grade Teacher, Jordan Middle School
  • Jeanie Smith — Career & Tech Ed Teacher, Jordan Middle School
  • Christie Price —  4th Grade Teacher, Addison Elementary School
  • Holly Welstein — Instructional Aide, Addison Elementary School
  • Bruce Antal — 5th Grade Teacher, Briones Elementary School
  • Pamela Dappen — 2nd Grade Teacher, Briones Elementary School
  • Teri Johnson — Reading Specialist, Briones Elementary School
  • Mariellen Klein — 1st Grade Teacher, Briones Elementary School
  • Pamela Fortune — 2nd Grade Teacher, Barron Park Elementary School
  • Serena Chandley — Kindergarten Teacher, El Carmelo Elementary School
  • Diane McCoy — 1st Grade Teacher, El Carmelo Elementary School
  • Anita Laughlin — 2nd Grade Teacher, Escondido Elementary School
  • Jill Cohen — Student Attendant, Fairmeadow Elementary School
  • Honore Lau — Kindergarten Teacher, Fairmeadow Elementary School
  • Liz Mann — Student Attendant, Fairmeadow Elementary
  • Sharon Zebker — School Psychologist, Nixon Elementary School
  • Nicki Smith — Principal, Ohlone Elementary School
  • Amy Solveson — Special Education Aide, Walter Hays Elementary School